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Argumentative Essay Writing Tips

As the name suggests, argumentative essays deal with an argument. An argumentative essay is written on such a topic that can bring about an argument. Topics like homosexuality, dowry system, teenage pregnancy, child-marriage, politics, and immigration are perfect examples for this genre. In a word, your topic selection must give you a scope to debate. It will allow you to make an argument for and against it. However, in every case, you must provide valid information to establish your logic. Your writing should be informative and educative. In order to do this, you must think clearly and logically.

Writing it in “thesis, antithesis and synthesis” model is ideal for establishing your points and logics. Alongside, this model allows you to give a perfect solution at the end of the topic.

Given below are some important tips to help you write an argumentative essay: essay writing service reddit 

Introduce your topic

In an argumentative essay, the introduction plays a significant role. Thereforeyour introduction and opening paragraph must be very catchy to arrest the attention of the readers. It must be a topic of public interest. You should never write about a topic dealing with your personal problem. Your introduction should be very clear and keen to give you an impression that you are going to discuss on an interesting topic. Your point of argument should be very clear to make people know your point of view- whether you are going to tell in favour of the topic or against it.

Explain why it is important

Let people know why the topic is important and how it could help us find a perfect panacea. This is vital for growing an interest about the topic.

Present two sides of the controversy

The body of your of essay must contain the main point of your argument. You should delve deep into the topic to state both sides of the controversy. Side by side, you must clearly mention the pros and cons of the topic with strong points and arguments..

After describing both the sides, you should establish your own logic and explain properly why your point is right. Clearly state your points with strong evidence, statics and proper information.

Avoid emotional language

Don’t use any emotional language in the essay. It will weaken your logical conclusion and supportive information.

Significant tips at a glance


  • Make a proper planning
  • Create an outline
  • Mention and quote your sources
  • Be prepared to defend your point and side.

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