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Forged Wheels For BMW

Feel like your BMW is just like every other 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series or X Series out there? Then it is time to replace those factory wheels with a custom forged wheel that will set your car apart. bmw style rims

Not Every Forged Wheel is the Same
There are a variety of factors that separate mainstream FW manufacturers from top quality forged monoblock or 1 piece and 3 piece wheel companies. HRE, DPE, and Vorsteiner are all renowned wheel manufacturers that produce top quality wheels that are built to order and application. When choosing a custom FW for your BMW, you want to consider the weight, materials, style and finish options. Top quality 1 piece and 3 piece FW manufacturers produce their wheels from T-6061 based alloy. The center barrels are machined from 1 single piece and not welded together like lesser quality manufacturers.

The HRE Monoblock series is the pinnacle of 1 piece FW production in that each wheel is fully machined from a single block of high strength alloy for maximum weight savings and optimal strength to weight ratios. This provides for a wheel that is track ready and suitable for street use. In addition, their unique designs will set your car apart and allow for a variety of styles and custom finish options.

Types of Forged Wheels
There are 3 main types of forged wheels for BMW- 1 Piece or Monoblock, 2 Piece and 3 Piece. Like their names, each is constructed using 1, 2 or 3 pieces. A 1 piece wheel offers maximum strength to weight ratios to provide the strongest possible wheel at the lightest weight possible. 2 Piece wheels are typically more affordable and are made from a center piece and separate outer lip. A 3 Piece wheel improves upon the 2 piece design with a separate lip, center and barrel. This allows for maximum customization as well as reduced weight.

Custom Options
The advantage to custom forged wheels is that they are built to order and to your specifications. A dealer will take into account your vehicle application to spec the correct size and offset so that the wheels sit flush with the fender and do not rub with the recommended tire range. Most wheel manufacturers including DPE, HRE and Vorsteiner can spec the wheels to clear a larger brake system as well as maximize the lip size if you choose a 3 piece forged wheel.

Forged wheels can be done in just about any color option and in some cases, like with Vorsteiner V-302 wheels, a 3 tone center. You can choose to match the color of the car or do an aggressive finish like matte black or matte silver. In addition, for 3 piece forged wheels, you can customize the lip color for a truly unique look.

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