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Put Sleep Apnea to Rest Using a CPAP Mask

Did you sleep like a baby last night or like a wave in a storm?

Experts have determined that most adult humans need seven or eight hours per sleep per night. If you think that sleep deprivation is not a major problem, consider some of its results:

* Memory difficulties
* Depression
* Lower immune system
* Higher perception of pain

There are many causes of sleep deprivation, ranging from eating a pepperoni pizza just before bedtime to potentially fatal sleep disorders that could require wearing a CPAP mask.

An Alarming Sleep Disorder

One particular common type of sleep disorder is sleep apnea. This involves slight breaths or one or multiple stops in breathing, during sleep. The duration of the stops in breathing can range from a couple of seconds to multiple minutes-perhaps creating the need for a sleep apnea mask in Toronto, for Canadian users. Furthermore, the halts in breathing tend to happen at least 5 to 30 times per hour. Usually, regular breathing begins again via a choking noise or loud grunt, ending the need for a CPAP mask.

How frequently does it happen? Typically this condition is chronic, meaning that you could require a CPAP mask constantly, because the disorder happens constantly. Usually, affects its victims a minimum of three evenings per week. When an attack occurs, you frequently transfer from a deep slumber into a light snooze after your breathing becomes slight or halts.

Airways and Apnea

What exactly causes sleep apnea?

While you are conscious, the muscles in your throat aid in keeping the airways rigid and open to allow air to enter the lungs. However, while sleeping the muscles become increasingly relaxed. Typically the airways are constantly open, permitting air to flow into your lungs and preventing the need for Respironics CPAP machines in Toronto.

However, if you suffer from sleep apnea, then the airways can become constricted or obstructed due to certain reasons, requiring a Sleep Apnea mask. Sometimes, your tongue and throat muscles relax more frequently than normally.

Interestingly, being overweight can make it more challenging for the windpipe to re main open. Yet another cause could be a smaller airway in the throat and mouth region. The bottom line is that if you suffer from sleep apnea then you should learn the cause.

Getting Treatment for Catching Z’s

Sleep apnea treatment has two goals. One is to transform your breathing while sleeping into a normal state. Another is to treat various symptoms, such as earsplitting snoring and daytime drowsiness. Furthermore, treating sleep apnea can help to reduce symptoms such as diabetes, stroke, and heart disease!

Several treatments are available to treat sleep apnea. They include mouthpieces, breathing machines that require a CPAP mask, and even surgery. Unfortunately, no medications are available to treat the disorder.

Before undergoing any treatment you should certainly consult your physician or a specialist in sleep who can share the various treatment choices you have. When you go to bed each night, you certainly deserve to go to sleep. With a CPAP mask, you can say goodnight and goodbye to sleep apnea!


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