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CPAP Machines

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Machines, or CPAP Machines for short, are devices used to treat a sleeping disorder called Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA. These are contraptions that a patient uses to maintain a required amount of pressure around the nose, mouth and throat area to prevent apnea or lapses in breathing to occur.

OSA usually occurs during sleep. What happens is that when a person sleeps, the throat muscles and tongue relax clogging the airways around the throat. This leads to breathing lapses with intervals lasting minutes. CPAP Cleaners 

This is bad for any individual. Lapses in breathing could cause reduction of oxygen in the system. To compensate, the heart pumps more blood to provide oxygen to the other parts of the body. By doing so, the whole process of pumping more blood during sleep will stress the heart and may lead to more serious heart conditions.

To treat this sleeping disorder, patients are prescribed CPAP treatment. This treatment requires the use of a machine that will maintain a certain amount of air pressure in the mouth and throat area. A mask, attached to a tube, will be worn by the patient. This tube is attached to a flow generator and this flow generator is the machine that will pump air to the mask.

By maintaining the air pressure determined by a sleep physician, the air ways are kept open and this will allow the person to breathe freely and regularly decreasing the possibility of breathing lapses.

There are disadvantages to using CPAP devices though. The most common one is suffering discomfort during sleep. The mask is bulky and it is connected to the flow generator by a tube. This means that the patient will not be able to move freely during sleep. Some people will be able to adjust quickly with wearing the mask but there are cases when patients could never adjust to the contraption. In these cases, they could choose alternatives prescribed by specialists to treat the condition.

Other consideration that arises is the fact that these devices are expensive. It is very important that patients consult a doctor first and have their conditions diagnosed to be sure that they really require the machine. You can also inquire which brands and model would best perform the required task.


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