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Discover 6 Techniques to Help You Quit Smoking

Searching for a method to quit smoking can be sometimes feels like searching for a lost treasure chest. However, this can be avoided if you knew better and knew how to aid your smoking addiction. Here are 6 techniques which you can use to kick off the habit:

Technique 1: Overcome the cravings.

Being dependable on cigarettes is like slavery. As soon as you get it over with only for a period of short time, you will be able to stand on your own two feet again. You will feel your energy returning to you. Overcome the cravings by seeking for natural remedies. Vitamins and fruit juice will help you to reduce your cravings as they cleanse out the toxins and poisons from your body. Take deep breaths and drink lots of water to also ease the irritation and cravings.

Technique 2: Find out exactly why you want to quit smoking. bongs

You’ve heard people saying it before. Find out why, the how will automatically come. If you do not know why you want to quit smoking enough, you will be hardly successful. But if have a strong reason and purpose to quit smoking, you will almost succeed in quitting smoking. List down reasons and purpose to quit smoking. Start with a negative list on and go on with a positive list on why you should quit smoking.

Technique 3: Re-program the thoughts in your mind

After every cigarette, do you feel a regret or disgusted by smoking? Does the bad odor really disturbs you? Or were you turn down by the ladies because of smoking? You see, smoking is really disgusting. Keep thinking about how smoking has disgusted and you really hate it. Think about it for different scenarios and how smoking can mess up your life. Think about how smoking has messed up other peoples’ life. The reason you are smoking is only about the addiction and soon, you will overcome it and quit smoking forever.

Technique 4: Make it a conviction.

If you want to quit smoking, you have to make quitting smoking a conviction. You can do this by starting to do a little research. Research yourself on the Internet on how harmful is smoking and how smoking has killed so many people. Recognize the potential diseases that smoking can bring. Visit cancer patients and ask them about their experiences. Ask a doctor how lungs can be like if smoking and also look for pictures of cancer patients.

Technique 5: Throw away anything related to smoking

We humans are able to be conditioned by our minds. Thus, anything associated or related to cigarettes will spark a thought or want to start smoking again. Get rid and throw away all smoking associations items. Throw away lighters, ashtray, cigarettes, smoking pipe, cigarette paper and anything else related to smoking.

Technique 6: Getaway on a holiday

Getaway on a holiday, visit countries or just cruise away with your love ones. It’s only for a short period of time. Even being able to take a break from your rushing life for a week is good enough. The cravings would almost dissipate by then.


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