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Grocery Store Savings Secrets – 8 Ways to Save Today

If you own your own grocery, then you know that some of the best grocery store fixtures are stationary-they’re fixed in position and can’t be moved around. It keeps the sales floor consistent, and customers like to know their way around. But having things in the same old place can also become boring, and cause people to pass over things they might otherwise want. russian grocery store

Here are some creative uses for slatwall grocery store fixtures.


  • Build a toy display. If your store has a selection of inexpensive toys, consider paneling the section with slatwall. Stick some hanging hooks at the top and some baskets at the bottom. Hang and display the toys. Children will be delighted, and parents will appreciate the convenience.
  • Display packets of spices. Some spices come in bottles, but many specialized spices come in small packets. Half-panel slatwalls with hanging hooks will make a great grocery store fixture, and will really get the spice packets out there. Your customers will know exactly where to go the next time they need a packet for dinner.
  • Show off cake decorating supplies. Decorating accessories, candy decorations, glitter, frosting tubes, and birthday candles look great on wide, eye-level slatwalls. Other items, such as cake toppings and small birthday cake-topping toys can be placed in the bins you fix at eye level. Customers will appreciate being able to find all of their cake decorating supplies in one convenient place.
  • Line some slatwall with envelope mixes. Envelope mixes help customers to make homemade-style gravy, sauces, and mashed potatoes. Consider displaying envelope mixes on a tall slatwall panel. Slatwall is the perfect grocery store fixture.
  • Display your season items. Slatwall can be changed with the season. Consider hanging Christmas decorations in Winter, Superbowl decoration in January. Every season has its own supplies. Reserve some slatwall space for decoration and keep a supply of accessories on hand, to display whatever the holiday requires.


Just because you need to keep the configuration of the store fixed doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. These are only five of the ways you can use creative grocery store fixtures. Experiment on your own, and you’ll come up with even more!


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