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How Great Instrumental Music is Made Using Software

A lot of people today are using software to make instrumental music and making lots of money using it. It is not at all about which software program you use to make the music, but instead the mind that you use to make it. Good music appeals to people of all ages because of the fact that it is indeed, good music. The style of music you prefer to hear has nothing to do with its appeal. Never say things like, “I don’t like that style of music” or, “I only like this type of music.” If you say and believe those words, most likely you are missing out on a variety of great music. Music cannot be stereotyped, although it is said to be. It’s either good or not so good. That’s why I don’t prefer any (styles of music), but instead for the music to be good.

Save your ideas immediately

When the first idea comes to your mind about creating a new instrumental track, you should save it to your computer as quickly as possible. It doesn’t matter how it sounds when you save it. This is just for you to remember your idea. It may be a bass line, chords, lead, or drums that may come to mind first, but make sure you save it in a way that you won’t forget it. Normally, bass lines or chords come to my mind first. Instrumental music

The secret to building great instrumental tracks

Each and every instrument that you use to create your track should be made to perfection, like an individual track of it’s on. Each instrument plays a role in any finished piece of music. This is actually what drives listeners wild about your music and creates fans.

Know that there’s talent within playing each instrument

Make sure you realize that there’s talent to be gained within playing each instrument. Now that you know this, use your full potential when creating sound with the instrument’s that you prefer to use. One of the biggest secrets of attracting people through the sound of music is, knowing how to blend and play different instruments together at the same time. When making music using software, you have to be the whole band. This means you have to play percussion, bass guitar, keyboard, and lead.

Learn tricks and techniques about instruments

Listening to talented live drummers will give you a variety of ideas when making instrumentals using software. You will learn techniques such as off pocket licks; flam rudiments, double licks, single to triple diddle rudiments, and how to play according to your bass line. When creating a bass line, focus on the main melody pattern of the instrumental. Most likely, you wouldn’t want your bass line to change up as much as you may want your chords or lead to change. Also, learn the beauty of matching chords to create harmony with your bass line. You may find chords that sound good with your bass line, but don’t stop searching because you’ve found one chord. The second or third chord you find may sound more beautiful than the first chord. Last but not least, create a very catchy, hard to forget lead pattern for your instrumental. You may also consider creating solo’s for the lead instruments you use.


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