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Instant Messaging On The Rise – Is The Age Of Email Over?

You’ve got a quick query for a colleague, but he works on the fourth floor and you’re on the first. He also happens to be in the Geneva office, but you’re in London. With the global work place more widespread and busy than ever, communicating with colleagues can be difficult. But the age of the internet has brought with it new forms of correspondence.

Email is one of the most widely used ways of connecting workers to each other and there are few, if any companies in the western world that don’t make use of it. Email has done much for the working world; it’s saved us millions of tonnes of paper, made communication quicker than ever before and stripped some of the formality associated with the traditional print letter – creating a more relaxed channel of communication. Where else could you get away with inserting a smiley face into correspondence with a member of senior management?

But like life itself, the internet has evolved, and email is no longer the new kid on the block when it comes to online office communications; instant messaging (IM) is rapidly growing in popularity with clued-up companies as a way to communicate with colleagues.

Though long popular with teenage web surfers, instant message packages are now being utilised by big businesses in a bid to facilitate communication and reduce costs at the same time. There are several advantages of instant messaging over email or phone. As the name suggests, messages are delivered straight away so there’s no time lag as with email, meaning that a real time conversation is possible. It’s also easy to include several people into any one conversation – ideal if you’re not sat right next to your colleagues, yet are too busy to go and round everyone up for meeting. leveling bot

Another big advantage of instant messaging for business over email is the lack of spam. Junk mail offering us all manner of unsolicited rubbish – everything from penny stocks and cheap software to money from Ugandan Princes – have become common place and accepted as one of the disadvantages of email. Instant messaging on the other hand is yet to be tainted by spammers, so sifting through messages removing sales pitches for Viagra isn’t currently a problem.



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