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Tips to Organizing Your Kids Room

When it comes to organization, children’s rooms can be big challenges. They usually aren’t that big to begin with so finding places for all of your child’s things isn’t always easy. Plus, keeping the area organized for more than a couple of days may seem like more than you could ever hope for.

The good news is you can organize these rooms and teach your children valuable lessons about the importance of organization from an early age. Here are some tips to help.

Too Many Toys

One big problem is many kids’ rooms is the abundance of toys. Kids love choices but too many choices ends up making big messes. A good solution is to store some of those toys temporarily. Work with your son or daughter to choose a few (five or six is a good number) toys they love playing with.

Now take all of the other toys, divide them up into several storage containers, and take them to a self-storage unit. The beauty of these units is that you can get your stuff out at any time so whenever your child starts getting bored of the toys at home, you can take a trip to the storage unit and select a replacement batch. Be sure to store the others while you’re there. With this approach, you keep toy clutter to a minimum and reduce the number of new toys you need to buy to keep your children entertained.

Arts, Crafts, and Blocks

Being creative is definitely enjoyable for children, but their creative supplies can be hard to keep organized. Here’s a solution: bins. You can find a wide range of bin designs to fit your current needs. For example, if you already have shelf storage, you can find bins that will fit on the shelves. You can find cloth, wicker, and plastic varieties in many different sizes and prices. Another option is to purchase a storage unit that includes bins. billiga tavlorĀ 

Next give each type of creative supply a different bin. This means you’ll have more bins but your children will be able to keep them organized. Coloring books and crayons might go in one bin while all of their Lego blocks go in another. Make sure to label the bins so your child can find what they want easily. If your son or daughter can’t read yet, use pictures that are hand-drawn or made on your computer.

So Many Clothes

Children always seem to have more clothes than their parents even though they typically have less room for storing them. Not to mention kids don’t enjoy keeping clothing organized most of the time. To get organized, first sort through your child’s existing clothes. Throw away any that are stained or damaged. Donate any your child no longer can or wants to wear. With the rest, sort them by season. If you don’t have lots of closet space, you don’t want to take up valuable space with sweaters during the summer. Invest in some storage containers and put away out-of-season clothing. Under the bed storage containers work well but if space is limited you can always keep them in a storage unit until they are needed. Now you have freed up space for the clothes your child actually wears. Now you can do the same thing with the clothes in their dresser.

Once you’ve whittled down the amount of clothes you need to make sure the clothes stay organized. First, be sure to label the dresser drawers so children know what goes into which one (and so they can quickly get dressed). Second, reward them for putting away their laundry. For example, you might give them a nickel for every piece of clothing they put away or maybe you give them a sticker each time and after five times they get a bigger reward, such as a trip to the zoo. If your children are too young to put up the clothes themselves, have them help you by getting hangers, folding items, or putting clothes away in lower drawers.

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