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Why You Should Buy Cardboard Chairs and Other Pieces of Cardboard Furniture

The future is now and cardboard is quickly becoming the answer to all of your furniture worries or concerns. Are you tired of heavy, non-eco friendly furniture burdening you home, and office or dorm room? Do you move your personal or professional space often? Are you tired of spending tons of money on furniture that quickly goes out of style or falls apart easily? There is a new and modern design that is quickly becoming popular within several domestic and professional spaces. It is a big hit with college students as well as military personal because of its versatile nature and cost effectiveness. Cardboard tables and chairs are safe, environmentally friendly, easy to assemble and transport as well as being extremely cost efficient. Many companies that require quick and easily assembled visual displays are turning towards cardboard for all of their specific furniture constructing needs. Especially during our existing tough economic times buying wooden or plastic furniture for your home or office can be cumbersome, expensive and annoying. Cardboard furniture can cut out the concern and serve as a fast, easy and reliable alternative to home design.

When you purchase cardboard furniture and use it in your home or office you are contributing to the aid of preserving the planet’s resources. Each year more cardboard is salvaged and used to produce furniture. Last year over 23 million tons of cardboard was recovered and recycled to make renewable resources. There is expected to be a 90% increase in the world’s demand for paper. It takes over a decade for a tree to fully develop. You can easily create a work space or secret play area for your children by designing your very own furniture and then assembling it with ease. Cardboard furniture can help to save you a ton of money while being beneficial for planet earth due to its recyclable ability. A well known and established cardboard furniture store that you can rely on is the best way to find the cardboard furniture to suit your exact needs and wants. By enlisting the help of a cardboard furniture store you will receive outstanding assistance in the supply and demand of your specific furniture requirements. Salvation Army Pickup

Even though cardboard has existed in the modern era for years it was fully introduced into the creative design industry by Frank Gehry. Mr. Gehry was the first designer to create a line of usable chairs and tables made from the material of cardboard. He constructed his line using durable cardboard, hidden screws and various design cut outs. His line has been known to be so durable that it can easily hold thousands of pounds of weight. The usage of cardboard furniture first became very popular in France during the 1980’s. The technique that was introduced used intertwined pieces of cardboard plates that have been specifically cut out. This technique and form proves to be very efficient while giving extreme freedom in the choice of shapes and design for the furniture.

You might be thinking, how can flimsy cardboard hold the weight of a person? You would be surprised to learn that cardboard is very durable and can effortlessly hold the weight of a grown adult or a small child just as simply as wood or plastic furniture would. If you used your creative power combined with a little style and design you could turn your old cardboard into a masterpiece. Cardboard furniture has been proven to be better than regular furniture for people on the go because it is easy to assemble and disassemble if you are on the move. It is more cost effective which helps college students that might not have a lot of free flowing cash as well as individuals who need to transport their possessions more easily. Cardboard furniture is also very effective for people that are in the military because it comes in various sizes, is light weight and can be assembled almost anywhere. The assembly of cardboard chairs and furniture doesn’t need much equipment for assembly if you require it in separate pieces from the furniture store.

Once you are sure that you are buying your cardboard chairs and furniture from a reputable cardboard furniture manufacturer you will be sure to be extremely pleased with your product. Then you can be sure you’re receiving safe, reliable and durable cardboard furniture. Cardboard furniture can be easily purchased from cardboard furniture stores that are knowledgeable of the subject. Cardboard furniture is widely versatile and is available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. They may be shipped to your house in separate pieces or in one full package according to your specifications. The furniture will also include thorough instructions for easy assembly if you chose to assemble it on your own accord. Another fun and creative aspect of designing furniture through a cardboard furniture company is the ability to add a surface design to the exterior of your furniture. You can stylize your cardboard to whatever your liking may be whether you like it shiny, plaid or plan.

Your furniture can easily become a focal point in your home or a well needed service unit such as a dresser or chair. Cardboard furniture is ideal if you’re a college student that is forced to move from one location to the next often and can’t be bothered with transporting heavy furniture. It can very helpful if you’re an artist and would like to have furniture that represents your fun and unique nature. Cardboard furniture is also very useful for military service members who require light weight, variably sized furniture that can be easily assembled as well as discarded. If you have a situation that requires low cost, light weight, durable, reliable and creative furniture then cardboard furniture is right for you. Whether you’re looking to add a certain pizazz to your child’s playroom with a cute and durable rocking chair, need a shelf to hold your books in your new dorm room, a table for your artist corner or easily assembled and transportable furniture for you military service needs cardboard furniture is able to effectively cover all of your furniture needs and wants.


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